SLB Pipe Solutions Pump

Problem: Your sewer line or drain line is blocked and you are having backups in your home or office?

Solution: Call SLB Pipe Solutions to inspect your line, clear the blockage and reline your sewer. Three easy steps in less than 1 day and your line will be repaired and your mind at ease!

Sewer blockages and backups cause a major inconvenience in your family life, or business' production. SLB has the knowledge and technology to solve your drain related problems quickly, effectively and permanently. The most common cause of sewer backups come from root intrusion through broken or cracked pipes. SLB can completely reline your sewer from one single access point. We install a new pipe inside the old pipe without digging it up!

You do not have to tear up your driveway, parking lot or landscaping! Traditional companies will dig up your property, take 2-3 days to fix your line and charge you to restore it! Call SLB at 812-583-3566 or 317-408-8085 for a free estimate on relining today!



Benefits to Cured-in-Place Pipe Rehabilitation:

  • Does not tear up your landscaping, sidewalk, driveways or street
  • No cost to restore your side walk, landscaping or driveway
  • Done in 4-5 hours (traditional methods take between 2-3 days)

Pipe Repair Capabilities:

  • Reline 22's, 45's and sweeping 90 degree bends
  • Structural repair
  • Bridge missing pipe sections

SLB Advantage:

  • Manufacturer's 50 year warranty
  • Before and after photos